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Wooden Floor Restoration Process

A typical restoration project would take us three days to complete.

The first day is all about preparation, this is when any required repairs would be carried out and we sand the floor to remove the existing finish. This involves sanding the floor three times with various grades of sandpaper starting with the coarsest paper of 36 grit or 40 grit through to the medium of 60 grit, ending with the finer 80 grit. At the end of day one the wooden floor is vacuumed to remove as much dust and dirt as possible from the floor.

Day two sees the final sanding of the floor with the finest 100 grit sand paper which ensures that the floor is perfectly smooth to receive the first coat of seal.

On the afternoon of the second day the first coat of seal is applied to the floor and left to dry overnight. We use Junckers MasterFinish as it provides a strong, durable finish and is kind to the environment due to its low VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds).

On the final day the floor is given two more coats of Junckers MasterFinish. Each coat takes approximately 30 minutes to apply with 2-3 hours drying time between the 2nd and 3rd coats.

After the final coat is applied the floor should not used for 12 hours in order to allow the seals to harden and provide a durable, protective barrier. After 12 hours the floor is strong enough to handle light foot traffic but requires a further 48 hours to properly cure before being ready for full use.

Prior to leaving site on the final day we contact the client to inform them of job completion. The client's details are then passed onto Granseal so that a company technician can contact them and advise on a suitable maintenance regime to keep the floor in top condition for the foreseeable future.

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